Misguided / Released: 2008 / Label: Heavy Industries / Download: ZIP (320k MP3 + HD art)

Misguided Techno in 4 different colors. Murky Mischief: hard, funky and gritty. Program: pure industrial-techno evil. Sense: funky tech house. Jungle Orbit: tribal, organic, trancey. This was my last official release on Heavy Industries and as Fabrik Nos.
Sharp Objects EP / Released: 2005 / Label: Avionix Recordings / Download: ZIP (FLAC + HD art)

Sharp Objects EP From Avionix Recordings' release page: LA-based Fabrik Nos serves up a hard steppin' selection of techno cuts for Edinburgh-based Avionix Recordings. With a range of styles from grooved up abstract to pulsing minimal techno filled with off-kilter shreddy sounds and mixing up analogue basslines with an electro feel, this EP is a true melting pot of ideas. Maintaining a fairly solid feel throughout, this work has overtones of a less purist Surgeon, or even shades of thumping minimal techno on a Villalobos tip, as displayed by the funky, tribal work-out Ghett-out NY. Fabrik Nos is responsible for LA-based Heavy Industries - a fine stable for up and coming and established techno and tech-house acts alike, including acts such as Simex, Section One (Primevil) and many more.
Sleeping Autumn EP / Released: 2004 / Label: Uran97 / Download: ZIP (FLAC + HD art)

Sleeping Autumn EP From Uran97's release page: Days become shorter. Air becomes colder. Trees let fall their leaves and it begins to rain. Autumn is here. To bring you warmth, we have released the Sleeping Autumn EP by Fabrik Nos, co-founder of the great netlabel Heavy Industries. This EP contains 3 warm, groovin techno tracks, plus a remix by Uran97 owner Chris Barky.

Note: Track 4, the Chris Barky remix of Katze, is included in the zip download in mp3 format.
Sustain EP / Released: 2003 / Label: Heavy Industries / Download: ZIP (FLAC + HD art)

Sustain EP My third release on Heavy Industries is a dark, heavy techno 4-tracker. Basement Love starts things deep and foreboding. The mechanical, industrial-influenced Genetix would go on to get remixed by Drumcell for Droid Recordings' first 12" release. Desert pt. 1 was co-produced by Phonon (Ryan Jones), and The Price is a tribute to the talented UK producer/DJ, Darren Price.