The Things That Make You Happy / Released: 2002 / Label: Heavy Industries / Download: ZIP (320k MP3)

The Things That Make You Happy The turning point where techno became the focus. You'll journey all across the spectrum here, from deep, to funky, to dark & hard, to the uplifting finale. FYI, the kid on the cover was someone my friend photographed at the 2002 Detroit Electronic Music Festival. He seemed so happy being covered in wires and circuit boards, so he inspired the name of the album too.

01. Realist
02. Lunch Break
03. Blatant
04. Ethiopium
05. The Witness
06. Initiate
07. Cafe Phobos
08. Obstruct
09. Under Color
10. Slant
11. Secretary Of Enjoyment
12. The Things That Make You Happy

The New England Edition / Released: 2001 / Label: Ampcast / Download: ZIP (VBR MP3)

The New England Edition The New England Edition was my most personal and emotional album, written during my years living in Boston. It features one of my all time favorite tracks, Green Mountain Song, appropriately written in the mountains of Vermont. While there are a few banging tracks on here, the focus was more on atmosphere and melody.

01. A Little Something (Revisited)
02. Murder Steals The Future
03. Alienteknokraft
04. Operation: Detroit
05. Familiar Faces
06. Axon-Ember - Strawberries With Pikachus (IHM Mix)
07. Programmed For Evil
08. Spare Time
09. R.Beach.05
10. Sorry
11. Emperor
12. Green Mountain Song
13. Who Will You Be?

Rivetraver / Released: 2000 / Label: / Download: ZIP (128k MP3)

Rivetraver In my eyes this was the true beginning of Fabrik Nos. As the title implies, the music here is an unholy merging of industrial/EBM and techno/trance - dark, hard and aggressive, splashed with some uplifting moments as well.

01. Einleitung I
02. Alley Friends
03. Schweiss
04. Saturday 2PM
05. The Only Regret
06. Einleitung II
07. Death Row Blues
08. Nomad
09. God & Michelangelo (United) (feat. Station9)
10. Flying Over You
11. Frustration
12. Rivetraver
13. A Little Something

The Music of Sound / Released: 2000 / Label:

The Music Of Sound My sophomore album The Music Of Sound had a little bit of everything, from industrial and hard techno to trance and downtempo. While most of these tracks will never see the light of day again, Alone Last Night is still a personal favorite after all these years and is available below.

01. Dear Diary
02. Who Wants Iowa
03. Mellow Drama
04. Muchas Mujeres
05. Der Rauch
06. Tanzender Berg
07. Alone Last Night
08. Cold Travels
09. All Good Things Must End

Living By Air / Released: 1999 / Label:

Living By Air The debut album - back when I had the ideas, not necessarily the technical know-how. I often cringe when hearing the production in some of these tracks, but I feel it's important to respect and embrace your first creations, no matter how they sound today. I'll embrace them in private though, no uploads for this one ;)

01. Afterhours
02. Talus
03. Rough Draft
04. Tronce
05. Symbiance
06. Immersed In Silver
07. Right Wing
08. Optimum Sunrise