Back to dark techno. First mix in about a year.

Brigade Afterhours w/ Dave Correa

Playing my first gig in Denver! I’ll be joining Dave Correa, Tangle, Adam Stark and Spencer Hardwick on July 15 in a collective mission to bang out some serious trance for the Denver afterhours crowd. Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/186478505088567/

Clipping - Body & Blood (Fabrik Nos Remix)

I’m very excited to announce that my remix for Los Angeles-based rap group clipping. has been released on their album REMXNG. This is old school Fabrik Nos - dark, rough industrialized techno. Check out the album on Bandcamp and stream below or on Soundcloud.

Lessons In EBM Vol. 4

After 3 mixes of mid-tempo EBM, I decided it was time to go full on Anhalt style. Enjoy Lessons In EBM Vol. 4, featuring tracks from EBM heroes old and new, from 150 to 220bpm. For tracklisting and downloads, click here.

Goodbye DI

A couple of weeks ago, my heretofore great relationship with the Internet’s leading electronic music radio service, Digitally Imported, came to an abrupt end. DI found out that I was recently employed by Beatport, and claiming it was a conflict of interest, they removed me from my post as Channel Director for the EBM channel. The channel that I not only convinced DI to create, but spent an enormous amount of my personal time, effort and passion into making the #1 destination for industrial & EBM music on the internet. After nearly two years of hard work - for no payment, as Channel Directors are volunteers - it has all come to an end, due to nothing more than the politics of the digital music industry. At least there is a small silver lining in this - I have been inspired to work towards my own independent radio station, free from any corporate interests and controls. More updates to follow as this project unfolds.