EBM radio now live

Very excited to announce that my EBM channel is now live on Digitally Imported! This is the result of many months of work, and features a huge rotation of classic and modern EBM artists, with tracks that I consider the best of the best. I will be regularly updating the playlist, and am accepting tracks and mixes for consideration. If you’d like to submit something please message me via Facebook.

60 Minute Sunset

60 Minute Sunset, as the name suggests, is an hour long set I played during sunset at a beach party on August 17, 2014 called Surf the Beats. My preferred blend of progressive trance, techno and psytrance is mixed together with a gradually increasing tempo and energy. It was a beautiful night and I hope I complimented it with these tracks. Enjoy.

New Uploads: Tech House

Believe it or not but I have actually made a few house tracks over the years - so I rounded them up, created a new playlist and threw it on The Vault. Don’t worry, I’m still dark and angry most of the time.

New Uploads: Demos

Nearly all my demos from 2004 to 2008 have been uploaded to the existing playlists in The Vault. These are tracks I sadly never saw through to the end due to one reason or another, but collectively they represent some of my favorite music I’ve produced.

The Vault now online

Just finished uploading a bunch of my unreleased tracks to Soundcloud, and their respective music players are now live on The Vault. That makes 45 tracks so far, and counting.

All Systems Go

After several weeks of excruciating, carpal tunnel-inducing programming I’m happy to announce that I am now live on the interwebs. This site consolidates almost all of my music and DJ mixes from 2000 to today, both under my real name and my alter-ego Fabrik Nos. Not everything is complete yet... I still have a ton of stuff to upload to The Vault, the place where my unfinished or unreleased tracks will be getting dusted off. And there are a couple minor bugs I’m trying to work out on certain pages. But the majority of content is here, so have fun.