So who is Steve Eagle? I am first and foremost an obsessed fan of electronic music, and am involved as a producer, DJ, and radio host in a variety of genres. I got started in music after being influenced by the work of industrial pioneers Front 242, Nitzer Ebb and Skinny Puppy, and techno/trance legends like Sven Vath, Oliver Lieb and Eat Static. From these two very different cultures I found my own idendity as an artist, and Fabrik Nos was born in 1999. The music was dark and heavy, yet also grounded in the repetition and hypnotism of techno/trance. After producing for a few years, I started my first label, Heavy Industries, with my good friend Evan LaPann (aka Simex). Along with a few other early digital pioneers like Thinner and Rohformat, Heavy Industries was one of the first legit platforms for international techno artists to release their music online. (Fun fact: all of our old releases are still available on

After Heavy Industries was off the ground I became an on-air host of the famous electronic music show Revolutions on 88.9 FM in Boston, which instilled in me the love of DJing. This love grew even more after moving to Los Angeles in 2003. I was quickly drawn to underground techno collectives like Vibeflow, Droid Behavior and Compression, and became addicted to spinning vinyl. Coming from a production background, it wasn't long before I integrated digital technology into my rig, and today I'm proud to be one of the hated "digital DJs". I'll always love vinyl and will play it whenever given the chance, but when it comes to performing I just prefer the versatility of software. Regardless of the method used, my focus is always the same - to build something interesting, dynamic and hypnotic... and often dark, but that's my industrial background for you ;)

Two of my better known contributions to electronic music are my When Trance Was Good and Lessons In EBM mix series; the former being a 10-part journey through classic trance recorded over 8 years, and the latter an ongoing industrial/EBM series. Those are good places to start if you want to know where my influence comes from.

Today I am living in the mountains of Colorado, and while I am and not as active in electronic music as I once was, I am regularly recording new DJ mixes, occasionally putting out a new track or remix, and playing underground events whenever possible. So stay in touch, and thanks for stopping by.

On the web:
Latest DJ mixes: Steve Eagle @ Mixcloud
Oldschool trance mixes: When Trance Was Good mix series
Industrial mixes (including Lessons In EBM): Fabrik Nos @ Mixcloud
Original Trax: Fabrik Nos @ Soundcloud